Friday, 25 May 2012

For Uzo on his Birthday

Exactly yesterday, two years ago, I wrote this poem (below) for Uzochukwu Odonwodo, an awesome friend, an amazing poet, also called "Prof". It was his birthday again yesterday (?) and it took me back to our talks of Ann Sexton, Che Guevara, John Mayer, the Cuban Revolution, Sports, the Human mind and the incredible poems we shared - 

Happy Birthday Uzo. Never. Stop. Being. You.

For Uzo on His Birthday
Thunderclaps roll by
It pains you.
The storm blows here
Into my heart
Into yours

The thunder
With its base tremors
The beautiful soprano
Of the birds
The wonderful tenor
Of the whistling leaves
The auto tunes of the 
Morning breeze

The whole world
Sings in unison
One song.
Nature sees you today
And wishes you well.


  1. Nice piece. I wish my birthday is tomorrow!

  2. nice!!! i want a poem too...

    1. You'll get more than a poem love, way more!

  3. Awwwwwww! Oluwatobiloba Ilori!My sweetheart! You wouldn't believe I just saw this now! 2 months after my birthday! And this jst took me back to how it used to we used to be! Thanks so much boo...miss u loads!