Friday, 25 May 2012

Model Behaviour: Memories of Carefree Days

It's scary how uptight and reserved  boring I have become now. Not so far away, in Legon, not that long ago.... I was free, uninhibited and a water sprite! What could have happened to the girl that loved statues and water. What could have changed between then and now? Oh, I know! I finished school, moved to the city, got a job, work 8 - 6, in traffic 6-8am, 6-8pm....

Teacher, May I?

Almost Drowned!
Study Session!

We're not related!

Oh, Mikel!

Lol-I was lighter then!
Oh, how much laughter went  into those days, how much cheer. Now the sheer drudgery dries me out.
Memories..are how I start my day today- And a new resolution: I must climb a tree this week!

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